Family Farmhouse (Budd Lake, NJ)

“What started as a Mother's Day gift (a gift certificate for a family portrait session with good friends of ours over at Rocksteady Images) turned into a surprise backyard vow renewal (my husband had NO IDEA that I turned the tables on him and that our portrait session was actually now our vow renewal). We had talked often over the years about wanting to recommit our marriage in a way that honored our journey to a Christ-centered marriage. When we turned our marriage over to the Lord, everything changed. We changed. What a beautiful day to be able to celebrate our covenant in the presence of our children. God can redeem ANYONE and we are so thankful that He has redeemed us and our marriage. It's not perfect, the road isn't always smooth. But when your foundation is built on THE rock, you can weather any storm. Thank you to all who love us, who support us and who helped make this day possible!!

P.S. As a fellow photographer, I couldn't have been more excited to work with Jarvis Roque & Leah Roque. What a dynamic duo and insanely talented couple (and fun side note, Leah and I went to the same small school in CT a lifetime ago, but we didn't meet until we both lived in NJ!) If you are looking for wedding/engagement photographers they are the best!!”

-Alicia R.