Overwhelmed by their kindness. Blown away by their radiance. A&M ⚓️


This photo would not exist if not for His kindness (in literally countless ways).

As our all-star wedding party went ahead onto the reception before the party bus’ time ran out, we were able to stay behind with the #marreried newlyweds—courtesy of Dwight (our sexy ninja van)—for some more intimate portraits.

A deluge was in the forecast for this horticultural Eden, but God, in His goodness, once again held back the torrents; not a single drop impeded on our open-air session. Immeeediately though after our bride & groom got in the van, we could see ever so clearly just how much rain He lovingly withheld as the apparent build-up all came down at once!

God is good all the time, but never does it cease to amaze me.