Grandpa & Grandma's Backyard — Hillsdale, NJ

Kindled in Montana and forged in Uganda, the story of Andrea & Justin's love is as adventurous as the spirit that their Maker gave them (most fitting as the bridegroom is a filmmaker after all)! Wherever their travels may lead them, we're inspired to know that it's not without purpose and that they're not without an Anchor.

Last May, when we walked the grounds of a lakeside lodge (which will serve as their reception venue come autumn) against a moody backdrop of cloudy skies and colorful, rain-kissed foliage, I wondered why Andrea & Jay weren't planning on holding their ceremony at what seemed to be one of Jersey's most beautiful best kept secrets. But a few weeks later, we met them at their ceremony venue for a sunrise engagement session (sorry, Leah, I'll try not to schedule anymore of those hehe ☕️ !), and the answer became clear: not only was this Jay's grandparents' house, but it was also the place where his parents got married. Purpose over convenience. We dig that.

Andrea: as Leah expressed shortly after our e-session, (paraphrasing here, but the spirit is true!) the serenity you possess exemplifies most distinctly how the power of inward character magnifies outer beauty. Jay: has anyone ever told you that you look like a mix between Orlando Bloom and Rob Gronkowski? Haha... in truth, you're as humble as you are cool and I'm so stoked that God gave you your lady. We love you both and can't wait for your October celebration! 🍁🎉 🇳🇿⚓️