Shangri-la (Hillsdale, NJ) & The Lodge at Lake Hird (West Milford, NJ)

Anticipation, delight, and thankfulness were unanimous in the air and the autumn scene seemed to carry its own brand of light. The stage was set perfectly and you couldn’t help but be immensely stoked for these guys.

At the bottom of a brookside terrace known as Shangri-la (e.g. grandpa & grandma’s backyard) on the eve of this covenant day, we found an otherworldly spectacle in which an entire crew of folks seemed to naturally lavish love upon would-be strangers (i.e. us) from the get-go. These were Jay & Andrea's people and their extraordinary example was clearly a reflection of how these two run in genuine grace & love.

With faith as their anchor, they exude a certain confidence and joyful humility (not to mention ambitious creativity) that’s truly nothing short of captivating. Michigan is surely blessed to have them and, thankfully, considering their roadtrippin', jetsettin', adventure-making ways, we're sure that we'll be seeing them plenty over the years to come!

Congratulations & much love(!),

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