The Events Center - Newark, OH

A tri-state celebration converging on the cornerstone of Covenant love—by nature, a distinctly joyous affair and amplified all the more by smoke and lasers, gluten-free cookies, and the extraordinary oneness of reunited brothers and sisters devoted to the bride and groom. Cloudy skies made for perfect portraits and divinely orchestrated showers gently ushered guests towards the party just at the right moment.

Charles (aka Alex aka Lepsch) and Carrie (aka Lady Lepsch): much like your wedding, may your marriage continually overflow with God's steadfast love and be upheld by a community of faithful family. Much love and congratulations, friends!


ROCKSTEADY IMAGES [Carrie+Charles Wedding]-IMG_0033.jpg
ROCKSTEADY IMAGES [Carrie+Charles Wedding]-ROCK0092 (update).jpg
ROCKSTEADY IMAGES [Carrie+Charles Wedding]-IMG_0159 (master update).jpg
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ROCKSTEADY IMAGES [Carrie+Charles Wedding]-IMG_0532 (pop).jpg
23.  ROCKSTEADY IMAGES [Carrie+Charles Wedding]-ROCK0313.jpg
26a.  ROCKSTEADY IMAGES [Carrie+Charles Wedding]-ROCK0335 (update).jpg
ROCKSTEADY IMAGES [Carrie+Charles Wedding]-ROCK0402 (bw) (A color) (AT and sharpen).jpg
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