We wear lots of hats as wedding photographers (i.e. event coordinator, dress poofer, moment maker, financial planner, and even marriage counselor) and come January, we'll get to add another position to our collective Rocksteady résumé as Leah has been given the immense honor of being a bridesmaid for two of our most favorite people, Emily+Rico, all while doubling as a (super foxy) second shooter! Truly, our excitement for them is nothing short of colossal. For over a decade, Leah and Emily have held a deep friendship distinguished by soul-piercing introspection and profuse hilarity; she's a sister to both of us, so knowing that she's met a man of God (whose tenacious pursuit we know will carry over into marriage as unconditional devotion) just warms our hearts. Emily+Rico: the way you tell stories both in person and on paper is its own brand of captivating and we can't wait for the opportunity to visually reflect yours!