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Rocksteady Images is a husband+wife photography duo based out of scenic North Jersey.

It's doubtful that anyone ever grows up dreaming of one day becoming a wedding photographer (Jarvis & Leah definitely didn't!). But back in 2012, Jarvis somehow found himself covering his first covenant, and to his surprise, he can honestly say, "I was made for this!" Since then, Jarv has been cultivating his craft and also introduced Leah to photography along the way. (Newsflash, folks: her eye for details + moments is mind-blowing!!)

It's kind of funny how these two operate on pretty much opposite ends of the spectrum—Jarvis is super task-oriented and a lover of spreadsheets, while Leah is a creature of curiosity and the best in-person person you'll ever meet—but they're incredibly better off for it. TWO PERSPECTIVES, ONE VISION. Amen.