Rocksteady Images—born in Rockland County (NY) and now based in North Jersey—is artistic photojournalism by husband+wife duo, Jarvis and Leah Roqué, that specializes in New Jersey weddings (though available worldwide). Like his Maker, Jarvis delights in creating works for others to enjoy, capturing deeply meaningful exchanges that would otherwise be only ephemeral in our minds. Out of his passion, Leah's interest in photography was inevitably kindled and out of that spark, coupled with a (pleasantly surprising) natural talent, her own love of visual story-telling was born.

Though distinct, their styles and personalities fit seamlessly together. They are inspired by couples in particular because (a) humans are most human when they are interacting with other people and (b) interactions are most captivating when relentless covenant love is its anchor. In the creative process, Jarvis and Leah love to counter the conventional in refreshing fashion and they are intentionally mindful about creating images that draw out joyful reactions, purposefully life-giving and withstanding of circumstance.









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