Pennsylvania Farmhouse

It’s always an honor when couples invite Leah and I into their world to capture the authentic moments of their covenant—and even more so when the bride herself is a talented photographer.  We knew Kate+Adam previously from our days at Church At Bergen (NJ), but from the moment I read Kate’s inquiry for an anniversary session, I immediately knew there was no way we’d be able to describe their love in a more sufficient fashion than the heart-warming words she poured out herself:

“Adam is my favorite person in the whole world, by far, and I am blessed beyond measure by our marriage and I almost hurt to think how much more I will love him in another ten years when I look back on these last ten. And I want to celebrate that… I want to celebrate the beauty of covenant keeping and its rich, abundant blessings.”

Kate+Adam: thank you for allowing us to share in your precious moments and for being the covenant-keeping, legacy-builders that you’ve been for the past decade.  Cheers to you and to decades more of sweet paradise (via Coldplay and beyond)!