The Brownstone - Paterson, NJ

When Leah first met Kristen a few years ago at a Bible study, the first thing Leah noticed about Kristen was that she had a quiet gentleness about her that exuded peacefulness, as well as a very apparent desire to grow in her knowledge and experience of the Lord. By synergistic contrast, those who know Alex would likely agree that his vigor in conversation (er, life) and unabashed engagement of a plethora of topics make for passionately candid exchanges. 

Throughout our encounters with the handsome couple in the months leading up to the celebration of their Covenant day, it was so intriguing to see how their personalities intricately amplified one another. 

His pursuit draws out her courage. 
Her meekness complements his vivacious bent. 
His strength houses her heart. 

Together, as they pursue the Gospel in their lives, they are a beautiful representation of Christ's fervent love and the sweet reception of that gift from His bride, the Church. To Kristen+Alex! Congratulations and much love, dear friends!

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