Fox Hill Farm - Fort Getty (Jamestown, RI)

Echoing the bride's own eloquence, Vicky "trips frequently, laughs often, and has difficulty sitting still for more than three minutes... Colin is quick-witted, intelligent, strategic, and inquisitive—skills that make him a very accomplished (and terribly frustrating) board game player." Their joy is infectious and every time we hang with this perfect pair, our hearts for them inescapably grow bigger and bigger. With a little help from images like the ones below, we recall moments of their big day and are once again reminded of why we do what we do. 

Under the shade of their covenant tree, nestled between a comforting waterfront and a colonial family farmhouse, we had the awesome privilege of having front row "seats" as Vicky+Colin vowed to each other the most sacred of promises. Celebrating their union and congregating on that dance floor were friends and family whose faithful bonds seemed to be virtually immune to time and distance. Fine dining on wheels graced the bellies of grateful guests with fresh street tacos and flavoricious Vulcan burgers. Individual rockstars (each one super warm and incredibly down-to-earth) made up their wedding party, and with them all we had nothing short of a blast. 

Vicky+Colin: we love you guys and admire the special way you celebrate people, love each other, and follow after Christ. See you soon and congratulations again and again!

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