Wildwood, NJ

This holiday may not have been perfect, but these images only remember the boardwalk feasts and savory seafare shared amongst brothers and sisters, spouses* (seasoned and freshly-hitched alike) thoroughly laughing with each other and healthily at themselves, and servant hearts continuously facilitating others' enjoyment before their own... comfortingly, they present a glimpse of Covenant meeting Community. In such a place, spouses can translate for each other in conversation and bridge the gap for would-be islanders (i.e. this guy).  We can hear our friends casually dish out mundane truths that mutually and monumentally remind us that it's completely normal to be in whatever season and that we don't have to feel like we're missing out on life.  Together, we get to see how future frontiers are more than conquerable—and that in community, we won't be going it alone.  Although vacation is over, we at least got to bring home Community.